About Us

Welcome to MI Meal Time!

MI Meal Time was founded in Mid 2022 by a local mom and pop servicing Novi, Ann Arbor and the surrounding area. The objective of the company is to enhance the delivery experience on every level, from restaurant to driver and most importantly to you as the customer. We are always eager to help you and will always treat every order as we would our own. We take great pride in supporting locals. To show that, we are partnered with Food Gatherers. Any round up charity provided will go directly to supporting their efforts. 100% or your tips go to the restaurant or your mobile waiters directly. MI Meal Time will also never put an additional financial burden on any listed restaurant, so rest assured that your support will go directly to the community! To ensure that our delivery service is always up to the best expectation, we need your help! If something is not working correctly on the website, app or if you have a suggestion, idea, or even a complaint, please get a hold of us through our "contact us" form on the site. Excellence is what we strive for. We greatly appreciate any feedback provided by the community. Thanks for your business and for your part in supporting local!